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Naboso Reviews

Naboso: Revolutionizing Foot Health and Performance

Naboso, a company known for its innovative approach to foot health, has been making waves in the wellness and fitness industries. Founded by Dr. Emily Splichal, a renowned podiatrist and human movement specialist, Naboso focuses on the unique connection between the feet and the nervous system. The company's mission is to enhance movement, performance, and recovery through proprioceptive insoles and mats that stimulate the nerves in the feet.

The Science Behind Naboso

Naboso, which means "barefoot" in Czech, leverages the science of proprioception—our body's ability to perceive its own position in space. This sensory input is crucial for balance, coordination, and overall movement efficiency. Traditional footwear often dulls these sensations, leading to decreased foot function and a higher risk of injury. Naboso's products are designed with a patented textured surface that activates the small nerves in the feet, enhancing sensory feedback and improving movement patterns.

Innovative Products

Naboso offers a range of products tailored to different needs:

Insoles: Naboso insoles come in various models designed for daily use, athletic performance, and recovery. They can be easily inserted into any shoe, making them a versatile tool for anyone looking to enhance their foot health.

Training Mats: These mats are perfect for workouts, yoga, or rehabilitation exercises. The textured surface provides sensory stimulation, which can improve balance, stability, and strength.

Foot Recovery Tools: Naboso also offers tools like the Recovery Sock, designed to be worn after workouts or long days on your feet. These products help to restore foot function and reduce fatigue by stimulating the nerves and increasing circulation.

Benefits of Naboso

Users of Naboso products report numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved Balance and Stability: By enhancing sensory feedback, Naboso products help users maintain better balance, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance: Athletes can experience better proprioception, leading to more precise movements and improved performance.
  • Accelerated Recovery: The increased sensory stimulation aids in faster recovery from workouts and injuries, promoting overall foot health.
  • Pain Relief: Many users find relief from chronic foot pain, including conditions like plantar fasciitis and neuropathy, through regular use of Naboso products.

Real-World Applications

Naboso's impact extends beyond individual users. The products are increasingly being adopted in physical therapy, rehabilitation centers, and sports training facilities. Physical therapists and trainers incorporate Naboso insoles and mats into their programs to help clients recover from injuries and enhance their movement capabilities.


Naboso is at the forefront of a movement towards a more mindful approach to foot health. By recognizing the critical role that sensory feedback from our feet plays in overall movement and well-being, Naboso is helping people move better, feel better, and perform at their best. Whether you're an athlete, a busy professional, or someone dealing with chronic foot issues, Naboso offers innovative solutions to support and enhance your foot health and overall quality of life.

Naboso Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Are there any Naboso Gift Cards available?

    A: If a Naboso Gift Card is available, it will be aggregated above. Let’s check!

  • Q: What is the best way to score Naboso coupon?

    A: Choosing coupon sites for Naboso discount hunting may be the best way. However, knowing clearly the best times for shopping even allows you to save much bigger with flash sale.

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    A: Apart from the Naboso promo codes applied sitewide, each code of the rest have a specific condition for using. To pick the one offering the biggest discount, go through promo code description to make sense of how to be eligible for it.

  • Q: Does Naboso provide free delivery?

    A: The offer of free delivery for Naboso order is not available all the time or only available for selected products. Once a deal exists, you can find it on CouponsFunnel.

  • Q: Can I give my Naboso exclusive code to someone else?

    A: If Naboso requires you to provide email at checkout to use the exclusive code, you cannot give it to another. Check how many orders the coupon code can be applied and plan to save.


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