Expert Overview

Good quality hosting with locations around the world

BigBoxHost has been offering good quality hosting services since 2010.  They state that their goal is to offer ‘outstanding services for the best possible price.’  From what I have been able to find, they seem to do quite a good job at accomplishing this goal.  While they are a smaller hosting company, they still do a good job at keeping everything up to date for their clients. They have Tier I data centers that are physically located in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and Asia so they can easily serve people from around the world.  Their site implies that they own these data centers, but it is not 100% clear if that is the case.  They may just lease space in existing data centers, which is more common for smaller hosting companies.


Uptime & Reliability

Very reliable hosting

You will enjoy a very reliable hosting experience with BigBoxHost.  They operate all their servers within state of the art data centers that have physical security on site as well as high end redundancy for all the primary hardware.  They also have great network monitoring tools in place to ensure that they know about any potential issues, and can respond to them, before it causes any type of outage. They claim to use high end Dell and HP servers for all their hosting, which will allow for a much more reliable hosting experience than many other systems.  I was not able to find any guaranteed up time agreements, which many people won’t like.


Everything you need plus some optional extras

When you look through all the different features that they have you will see that there is really nothing that is missing from their lineup.  They have a number of hosting packages to choose from, which will allow you to have plenty of disk space and bandwidth.  They also offer a variety of different types of hosting including shared servers, VPS and dedicated hosting. Like most hosting companies, they also offer domain registration services so you can buy your site and host it all in one place.  In addition to their normal hosting services, they also offer SSL Certificates, web design services, application development, SEO, digital marketing and even web security.  Of course, each of these items will cost extra, but if you want a full suite of features, it is nice to get them all from one place.


Good quality technical support

You can contact their technical support teams through their live chat or ticketing system without a problem.  They have people monitoring their network 24/7, and do a good job at responding to issues quickly.  They also offer a nice FAQ and knowledge base to review if you’re looking for ways to address issues on your own, or avoid them in the first place.


Reasonable pricing at all levels

The pricing is all very reasonable at every level.  While they aren’t the cheapest, they also won’t be ripping you off.  I would say that they have done a great job at balancing their pricing in a way that allows them to offer high quality services, but not over charge their customers.   You do need to be careful, however, as some of their non-hosting related services can get quite expensive.


Very nice hosting option for most website needs

Overall this is a very nice company to work with for hosting.  They are especially nice if you know you’re going to need one of their other services since it will allow you to get them all in one place, which can be very convenient.  The company really seems to put a premium on offering high end services at an affordable price, which is exactly what many people will be looking for.